QuFresh Products

QuFresh FAS by Air King

The QuFRESH FAS by Air King offers home builders and developers a cost effective mechanical ventilation solution. Contractors and builders now have a practical offering for introducing constant fresh air from outside into the residence, meeting the fresh air CFM requirements.

  • Adjustable capacity motor
  • Energy efficient motor
  • Low sone
  • Dial in CFM control mounted in the unit
  • 30 to 130 CFM in 10 CFM increments
  • 120v / 60Htz with easy wiring access
  • 6” round metal collar adapters on each end
  • Mounts to wall, ceiling, in attic, furdown or crawlspace (any configuration)
  • Test port allows easy air flow measurement (pitot tube or similar device)
  • Optional Filters: washable, MERV 8 or MERV 13 (10”x10”x2”)
  • Easily upgraded to QFAM (add internal controller with sensors into the unit)