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QuFresh MQFAM by Air King

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The QuFRESH MQFAM by Air King offers homebuilders and developers of multifamily residences a cost effective mechanical ventilation solution that helps with humidity and temperature. Contractors and builders now have a practical offering for introducing constant fresh air from outside into the residence, meeting the fresh air CFM requirements. Internally mounted sensors provide limits preventing the intake of outdoor air that is too humid and/or hot or too cold and/or dry. The operator simply dials in the quantity (CFM) of fresh air needed from the quiet  fan and sets the desired intake levels for the outside humidity and temperature.

  • Adjustable capacity motor
  • Energy efficient motor
  • Low sone
  • Dial in CFM control mounted in the unit
  • 30 to 130 CFM in 10 CFM increments
  • 120v / 60Htz with easy wiring access
  • 6” round metal collar adapters on each end
  • Mounts to wall, ceiling, in attic, furdown or crawlspace (any configuration)
  • Test port allows easy air flow measurement (pitot tube or similar device)
  • Optional Filters: washable, MERV 8 or MERV 13 (10”x10”x2”)